SPECIAL REPORT: High Probability of Significant Earthquakes and Volcanoes Within 14 day Solar Eclipse Window

Recent events call attention to the historical ‘science of cycles’, therefore, I think it best to present a  heighten (elevated) message of concern with forthcoming earth changing events which could occur within the next 10 days.

I base this on recorded research outlining a 28-day …

Recent events call attention to the historical ‘science of cycles’, therefore, I think it best to present a  heighten (elevated) message of concern with forthcoming earth changing events which could occur within the next 10 days.


I base this on recorded research outlining a 28-day window surrounding a solar eclipse. History indicates large significant events involving earthquakes, volcanoes and different forms of extreme weather, have occurred 14 days prior to an eclipse – or within 14 days after. Related to extreme weather events, this could take the form  as tornados, rapid temperature shifts, and tropical or inland storms.


The most recent events are the eruptions of Semisopochnoi, Shiveluch and Colima volcanoes. Also a moderate 5.0 earthquake hits part of the cascadia subduction zone  west of Vancouver Island.

Mexico’s Colima volcano gave quite a show this week, erupting two times in the same morning. Colima is currently in a phase of heightened activity which may be a prelude to one of the major eruptions that have happened at about 100 year intervals in historical times.


Semisopochnoi volcano erupts and has been upgraded to alert level status ‘Advisory’ code ‘Yellow’ by the US Geological Survey on March 25th. Seismic activity at the Semisopochnoi volcano has increased in intensity over the past few days. Additionally, periods of seismic tremor have been detected, which can indicate movement of magma or magmatic gases.

Shiveluch volcano erupted yesterday shooting a plume of ash  high into the atmosphere. It was captured by NASA’s Terra satellite.

Coast of Vancouver Canada – The U.S. Geological Survey says the moderate earthquake struck west of Vancouver Island about 12:22 p.m. 90 miles southwest of Port Hardy, British Columbia. This area is part Natural Resources Canada says there were no reports of damage, and none was expected. No tsunami warning was issued.


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