SPECIAL REPORT: I’ts Not Your Imagination – Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Extreme Weather on the Rise

**Special Announcement at the end of this article:
I have been writing and researching on earth changing events for 20 years; with this comes an intuitive awareness of trends and cycles. Nothing really magical, just hard work and asking the right questions to the right people. (Mitch Battros…

**Special Announcement at the end of this article:

I have been writing and researching on earth changing events for 20 years; with this comes an intuitive awareness of trends and cycles. Nothing really magical, just hard work and asking the right questions to the right people. (Mitch Battros Endorsements)


Most of you know I have been fortunate in grabbing the attention of some of the most prestigious scientists in their fields in which I was able to obtain a wealth of information related to the most current and historical scientific findings. Perhaps even better, is my ability to peek behind the proverbial curtain allowing me to assimilate their methodology – to see and understand a way of thinking or better stated…their point-of-view.


Traditionally, scientists adhere to a strict code when presenting their researched findings. This process was mostly established through ‘peer review’ which consists of scientists usually within the same discipline. Having presented such, I can tell you it is about on par with pledging a fraternity, but using a different form of hazing. My experience was close to those horrid dreams most of us have had at sometime in our lives. You know the one…when all of a sudden you find yourself in front of the class wearing only your underwear.

As deprecating as this may seem, it really is necessary to weed out over-the-top nonsense which would waste time and resources and usually comes with no sources, evidence, or even reasonable conjecture. However, what has happened to the scientific community as a whole over the last decade has poisoned traditional standards of integrity. Although politics may have played a role in say a 200 year history (example: Tesla), it had never researched the overt doings of today’s practice.


In today’s world, a scientist can simply make up a name – like “global warming” made up by James Hansen in 1988 during a Senate hearing on the environment. Furthermore, a made up name can be supported by a computer generated made-up hypothesis such as Michael Mann and the famous hockey-stick.

What we are witness to in today’s time is nothing less than a civil-war in the science community. And who loses every time in such a dilemma?  We do…ordinary people of the world who do not speak nor mostly do not understand the language of theoretical physics.


What’s the outcome: Money and resources are directed to fulfill pre-arranged agendas which almost always carry a healthy dose of greed, whether it comes in the form of money or power or both.

I would suggest there is none or very little argument regarding a current warming trend in many parts of the world. This particular cycle appears to be a nasty one. Yes, the Earth has seen this many many times before. In fact, our ancient ancestors have told us of such, often in shockingly accurate details. As a benefit of my unique opportunity of ‘peeking behind the curtain’ and “off the record” discussions, I can say with authority, there are those in decision making positions within our esteemed scientific agencies who are very much aware of ancient tellings and they are not dismissed.


Here’s the problem: What happens if the world (US mostly) spent all its money and resources on prevention or reduction, and then 5, 7, or 10 years later we realize current events are simply part of a natural cycle the Earth has seen its entire lifetime. In fact, we learn that prevention causes far more harm. Is there any money or resources left for “preparedness”? Lets say the oceans do rise 1 inch over the next 20 to 50 years. Did we do anything to better prepare for a mass exodus of people living on the worlds coastlines? Did we build an infrastructure to best prepare for extreme events such as earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes, or tornadoes? Do we have enough money or resources left to invest in sustainable living such as food and water?

Today, the answer would be “no”. Instead we spent all we had on a 1988 made-up name called global warming based on a computer generated (GIGO) [garbage in – garbage out] falsely manipulated conjecture. I know of no one, including the oil companies, who advocate pollution. Sure, there is greed and recklessness, but again, I know of no one who wishes any form of pollution upon us.

history of cycles

When we speak of breaking records – did you know they are based on a period of no more than 120 years? Is it really difficult to understand there are small cycles i.e 11 years or 100 years – and there are large cycles i.e. 1000 years, 5000 years, 50,000 years. If one understands and believes in the accuracy of our ancient ancestors, you are already aware there are extended cycles civilizations – as we know it has never witnessed. And guess what? NASA is one of many who do in fact give a substantial amount of weight to ancient text which we now know goes back some 80,000 years or more.


Special Announcement: I am pleased to announce the merger of Earth Changes Media and Suspicious Observers owned and operated by Ben Davidson. He provides up-to-the-minute data regarding earth changing events and space weather. What caught my attention was his method of delivery which is mostly video. I believe his approach and direction makes an admirable reflection of what ECM has delivered since April 1995. Stay tuned for further announcements as we move forward. S O Website: www.suspicious0bservers.org

new_equation 2012_m

Events Below Occurred Over Last 12 Days

– Sun Unleashes Most Powerful Solar Flare of 2015 – http://bit.ly/1dRmgr5

– Chile’s Calbuco Volcano Erupts For Third Time In 8 Days – http://bit.ly/1DWvWch

– 1,500 Evacuated Following Third Calbuco Volcano Eruption – http://bit.ly/1ApqN8O

– Scientists Discover New Depths to Yellowstone Mantle Plume – http://bit.ly/1FSUVQk

– Seafloor Sensors Record Possible Eruption of Underwater Volcano – http://bit.ly/1GNVMmJ

– Multifractals Suggest The Existence Of An Unknown Physical Mechanism On The Sun – http://bit.ly/1GTeZAK

– Underwater Volcano Spewing Lava Off Oregon Coast – http://bit.ly/1E82nkP

– Major 7.9 Magnitude Quake Hits Nepal, Sets Off Deadly Avalanche – http://bit.ly/1ECJ9ua

– In Costa Rica, Turrialba Volcano Spits Ash And Smoke – http://bit.ly/1bZp0By

– Lava Explodes From Hawaii’s Kilauea Volcano After Crater Collapses – http://bit.ly/1FPAFyV

– Earthquakes: Supercycles In Subduction Zones – http://bit.ly/1FPCHPw

– Geologist Outlines Earthquake “Time Bombs” In A Forthcoming Book – http://bit.ly/1ESL7nb


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