Solar Minimum as Dangerous as Solar Maximum

In a new study just published in the scientific journal Geophysical Research, charged particles from various sources is amplified near the Earth’s equator, Brett A. Carter, lead author from Boston College Institute for Scientific Research provides evidence indicating smaller geomagnetic events occurring in equatorial regions, are amplified by the equatorial electrojets.


Electrojets are electric currents which travel around Earth’s ionosphere. There are two electrojets:  1) above the magnetic equator (the equatorial electrojet), 2)  near the Northern and Southern Polar Circles (the Auroral Electrojets).


As mentioned in my prior article, these “new findings” are really not new. I know many of you have been following ECM for many years, and I say with a great amount of humility – it is both satisfying and yet intensely reserved that my research has been spot-on giving all of us a peek into tomorrow’s discoveries.

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These charged particle jets originate from our Milky Way and Sun, mostly in the form of cosmic rays, but also from the Sun’s solar winds that include solar flares, coronal mass ejections, coronal holes and filament. During solar storms, large amounts of solar particles first hit the magnetosphere which acts as the initial buffer before it hits the Earth’s magnetic field.


As the Earth’s magnetic field continues to weaken, larger amounts of charged particles penetrate our natural barriers finding their way to Earth’s surface and down through the lithosphere, mantle, outer core and inner core. The most vulnerable areas of Earth are the north and south poles because of Earth’s di-pole, and the equatorial plan.


However, in what would be counter-intuitive, it is during solar minimum when Earth is exposed to what most scientists agree, are the galactic cosmic rays which bring with it a much greater amount of radiation. It remains unknown as to the exact cause of electrojet amplified fluctuation, but it is a wake-up call that solar maximum is not the only dangerous of space weather causal effects.


The magnetosphere is determined by the interaction between the Earth’s magnetic field and the solar wind. The solar wind drives processes that couple large regions of space both magnetically and electrically. The outer boundary of the Earth’s magnetosphere forms a barrier that prevents large amounts of charged particles, and momentum carried by the solar wind from entering the magnetosphere. Part of the solar wind’s particle and energy content penetrates into the Earth’s space environment. Strong electric fields and currents are generated and induced within the magnetosphere, the ionosphere, and the Earth’s surface.

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