UPDATE: Post Eclipse 14 Day Window Hot Spots

The possibilities of earth changing events are still present after a full eclipse occurrence. Keep in mind the principle of expansion-and-contraction. Prior and during a lunar eclipse fluid expands reaching its maximum on the day of convergence, then the process of contraction begins.

tidal force energy

It is during this time of contraction or ebb, tectonic plates and fault-lines have the greatest potential to shift causing earthquakes, and can activate volcanoes. If energy has been released by a series of small quakes or by one or more moderate to large quakes, the prospect of a mega-quake is greatly reduced.

world eartquake map 09-29-2015_m

When viewing the map above, notice the areas marked in red which show significant earthquake activity has occurred. Then notice the area marked in blue showing almost no activity. This is the area which would be at highest risk. The region marked in blue happens to be the Cascadia Subduction Zone. See Article: The Great Danger of the Pacific Northwest.


Since an accepted method of earthquake predictability has yet been accomplished, all we can do is wait and see. However, it is always a good idea to have a 7-21 day preparedness packaging. I would also suggest there are periods of higher risk than others are.



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