(Part VI) Charged Particles Effect on Animal-Human Behavior

A recent study published in the science journal ‘Nature’, indicates a direct connection between the acceleration of charged particles and its affect on humans and animals. Charged particles come in many forms such as solar flares, CMEs (coronal mass), coronal holes, filament, gamma ray burst, and galactic cosmic rays.


During times of an inactive cycle, it is the smaller particles on the spectrum – which cause the most damage. Large amounts of radiation from cosmic rays race at the speed of light hitting the Earth’s magnetic field. Usually, the magnetic field deflects the vast majority of particles keeping the Earth and its inhabitants safe. But what happens when the magnetic field weakens?

epoc 2015 declination_m

Scientific research tells us many animals can sense the Earth’s magnetic field. Just as with Earth, animals and humans have a magnetic field that surrounds them. The cyclical expansion and contraction of particles coming from our Sun and Milky Way,  can cause confusion and a disturbance in our emotions. The pineal gland, which regulates melatonin production and the circadian 24-hour rhythm, is sensitive to magnetic fields.


In a related study from the Department of Neurobiology, University of Massachusetts Medical School, suggests humans may be genetically pre-disposed to the influence of geomagnetic flux as it relates to the Earth’s magnetic field and charged particles. The study published in the scientific journal ‘Geophysical Research’, indicates a dormant gene is residing within all of us just ready to be tapped. It is known as ‘Cryptochromes’ (CRY). They are involved in the ‘circadian’ (24-hour cyclical rhythms) of daily life. Strong scientific evidence indicates geomagnetic fields have an influence on the light sensitivity of the human visual system.


Oleg Shumilov, of the Institute of North Industrial Ecology in Russia said: “Many animals can sense the Earth’s magnetic field, so why not people. Shumilov looked at activity in the Earth’s geomagnetic field from 1948 to 1997 and found that it grouped into three seasonal peaks every year – one from March to May, another in July and the last in October.

Surprisingly, he also found that the geomagnetism peaks matched up with peaks in the number of mood disorders i.e. depression, anxiety, bi-polar (mood swings) and even suicides over the same period.”


Kelly Posner, a psychiatrist at Columbia University says: “The most plausible explanation for the association between geomagnetic activity and depression and other  mood disorders, is that geomagnetic storms can desynchronize melatonin production and circadian rhythms.

The pineal gland which regulates melatonin production and circadian rhythm is sensitive to magnetic fields. The circadian regulatory system depends upon repeated environmental cues to [synchronize] internal clocks. Magnetic fields may be one of these environmental cues.


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Although it was important for me to be accepted within the science community – I can tell you that I did not shy away from ancient text describing what our ancient ancestors passed down over centuries (100 years), millennia (1000 years) – and with new anthropological discoveries – now up to 100 millennia (100,000 years). Their collective description identifying millennial and multi-millennial cycles involving maximum and minimum disbursement of charged particles is disturbingly accurate.

It was not until our recent advancement of scientific technology along with instruments and spacecraft – could we have gained knowledge telling us just how connected we are to the galaxy.


As I continue my research, it is now taking me beyond the galaxy and into the Milky Way’s neighborhood of what we currently describe as the “Universe.” My initial guess would be we are likely to witness yet another closely-knit symbiotic connection, which is unimaginable given our current limited understanding of whom we are and where we come from.


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