UPDATE: It Appears Military ‘All In’ With Transcranial Stimulation

The US Navy is not alone with their ambitions related to brain stimulation. The Army has already issued their first phase of ‘super-helmets’ complete with TMS devices along with various computerized animated spectrum able to re-construct memory – which apparently can reproduce visual recall.


As it would be, DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) would take it further  to use – in what I would consider unethical uses – but that’s just me. It didn’t take me but a nano-second to put together the article on perceptional manipulation as it relates to foreign migration, and DARPA’s use of conditioning our soldiers via the helmets needed to survive fatal injuries.

Working under DARPA grants, researchers UC Irvine, University of Maryland, Carnegie Mellon University and Arizona State University, have developed technology allowing the implanting of troops’ battle helmets with brain manipulation functions.


By doing so, it essentially allows a soldier to stimulate different regions of their brain, it can help them relieve battle stress, reduce anxiety to get some rest, or to boost alertness during long periods without sleep. Soldiers could even relieve pain from injuries or wounds without resorting to pharmaceutical drugs. More importantly, in the periods after brain trauma – ultrasound technology could reduce swelling and metabolic damage that is often the root cause of lasting brain damage.

Is this a good thing – bad thing – or indifferent? You make the call. Having spent my time in Saudi Arabia 92-94, I can understand the zeal of our armed forces,  but then again that was a different war then what we see today. Can one support the soldier but not the reasons of the government who sent them there? Does DARPA really support the person in the uniform – or the government who made it? Again, you make the call? As for me, it’s time to play with the kids.

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If you are one who always thought there was a connection between here on Earth and our galaxy, you won’t be disappointed.

Here is a short synopsis about my new 3rd book which completes this Trilogy. Working Title: “Galactic Rain: The Milky Way-Solar System-Earth Connection”

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This book begins with a comprehensive summary of the Sun-Earth connection, then proceeds to provide cutting-edge discoveries mostly unknown to the public, showing a distinct connection beyond our solar system and directly to our galaxy ‘Milky Way’ – including its galactic center black hole.


Although it was important for me to be accepted within the science community – I can tell you that I did not shy away from ancient text describing what our ancient ancestors passed down over centuries (100 years), millennia (1000 years) – and with new anthropological discoveries – now up to 100 millennia (100,000 years).

Their collective description identifying millennial and multi-millennial cycles involving maximum and minimum disbursement of charged particles is disturbingly accurate.

It was not until our recent advancement of scientific technology along with instruments and spacecraft – could we have gained knowledge telling us just how connected we are to the galaxy.

As I continue my research, it is now taking me beyond the galaxy and into the Milky Way’s neighborhood of what we currently describe as the “Universe.” My initial guess would be we are likely to witness yet another closely-knit symbiotic connection, which is unimaginable given our current limited understanding of whom we are and where we come from.


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