New Discoveries of Interstellar Dust – Otherwise Known as ‘Charged Particles’

The Ulysses spacecraft was launched into space 25 years ago. Now, for the first time its complete set of measurements of interstellar dust has been analyzed. When launched in 1990, the main focus of the mission was to study the Sun’s solar influence – and charged particles advancing from the depth of space into our solar system.


The conclusion from this vast number and scope of researchers: “Within the solar system velocity and flight direction of the dust particles can change more strongly than previously thought.” The timing and substance of this intense 25-year study could not be rewarding. It supports most everything I have researched and have documented in my new book Galactic Rain.

For me, it was a natural progression from my incisive research on the Sun-Earth connection. After learning what the cause of Earth’s fluctuations of seasons, climate and weather – I turned my thoughts to what causes the Sun’s fluctuations within its 22 year cycle, 100 year cycle, 1000 year cycle and so on. My conclusion: Our galaxy Milky Way also has cycles within cycles – and the common denominator is “charged  particles”.

local interstellar cloud

Researchers under the leadership of the Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research (MPS) in Germany and the International Space Science Institute (ISSI) in Switzerland present a comprehensive analysis of this largest data set of interstellar particles in three articles published today in the magazine “The Astrophysical Journal”. Their conclusion: Within the solar system velocity and flight direction of the charged particles can change more strongly than previously thought.



About Earth Changes Media w/ Mitch Battros

Mitch Battros is a scientific journalist who is highly respected in both the scientific and spiritual communities due to his unique ability to bridge the gap between modern science and ancient text. Founded in 1995 – Earth Changes TV was born with Battros as its creator and chief editor for his syndicated television show. In 2003, he switched to a weekly radio show as Earth Changes Media. ECM quickly found its way in becoming a top source for news and discoveries in the scientific fields of astrophysics, space weather, earth science, and ancient text. Seeing the need to venture beyond the Sun-Earth connection, in 2016 Battros advanced his studies which incorporates our galaxy Milky Way - and its seemingly rhythmic cycles directly connected to our Solar System, Sun, and Earth driven by the source of charged particles such as galactic cosmic rays, gamma rays, and solar rays. Now, "Science Of Cycles" is the vehicle which brings the latest cutting-edge discoveries confirming his published Equation.
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