FOLLOW UP: The Science of Cycles vs The Patterns of Human Evolution/Devolution

Before I guide and encourage you to read this latest study put out by global warming enthusiasts from Durham University’s Department of Earth Sciences, which is just one of over one hundred recent articles/studies waving the flag of discuss and petulance pointed to the vast majority of an ignorant populace – I want to bring your attention back to what might be lost in this battle over the hearts-and-minds of the world – which in the end, as with every war, finalizes its ways tainted with greed and power.

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The Science of Cycles

From the very moment our life-giving planet took its first breath as a life sustaining entity, there have always been warming and cooling trends, ebbs and flows, expansions and contractions. Species come and go – some would say it is never-ending, others would say we are the generational species which can overcome natures rhythmic adherence. I am one who is not so sure we are part of that extended generation who has caught-up with natures pulse. What I sense in today’s battle of what is right is not “harmony” with our life sustainer Earth – instead it feels more like a semblance of “conquer” or “subjugate”.

father son pollution

Personally, I have met no-one; none, who advocate the act of pollution. This is to say, I can honestly not think of one person, or company who chooses to pollute for the purpose of polluting. As it relates to companies, some may pollute for the purpose of greed or power.

greed money_m

This is different than a company who would pollute only because they just love to do it. A CEO who says: “Uhh, I’d rather light some more coal just to smell it, hell, I don’t care if I make any money, I just like to see the smoke turn yellow and burn my eyes.”

mother daughter pollution

What most of us are guilty for would probably be more under the heading of “lazy”. Ohh, do I have to walk over there to put my bottle in the ‘green one’. This is different than: Hey, I just love to throw bottles and cans around my house; it makes it look all decorated and stuff.

Signs of Devolution

When the global warming regime was born, they first people they recruited were the environmentalist. They suckered them into believing it’s the people who are intentionally wishing for filth because they like it. You dumb environmentalists, you can’t teach these people how to live in harmony with our planet, you need to scare the sh i t out of them – and then tell them you have the answers. Let them know “the science is in – there is no more discussion”.


“Psst; try the old George W Bush on them”. First, tell them they are idiots (but in a nice way) then lay the hammer down. Say: “You are either with me, or you are with the polluters. Now what’s it going to be.” Hell, it worked when we invaded Iraq – then our good buddy Al Gore tried it…and it worked. He tailored his a bit. He’s the one who said: “The science is in, there is no debate”. Get it. It’s still the same with me against me ploy. Why heck, you know those dimly lit people don’t know how to use critical thinking, that left in the late 70’s early 80’s.

Another Path

I often wonder what would the outcome have been, if the collective whole, in this case environmentalists and the James Hansen 1988 made up name global warming enthusiasts would have made in different delivery.


“Hi Public, I am James Hansen, along with my accomplice Michael Mann aka ‘hockey stick man’, and of course our political robot, Al Gore (not a bad man, just bad science). You might remember we are the ones who used computer generated climate outcomes based on…well, a hunch.”

To the contrary, my research shows there have been natural rhythms of warming and cooling trends throughout the billion year history of our planet Earth. You might remember our great great great ancestors had a pretty rough time during the 12th and 13th century Ice Age. But so many of them made it, like we so often do.


You might also remember that warming period we had in the late 1920s and into the 1930s. Temperatures went up to 125 degrees in some cities, one town hit 135 degrees. It was an awful mess, we did lose quite a few people during those days, but we battled back. They called it the Dust Bowl – it got so hot almost all of our farms died, and our ranches didn’t do much better.

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Hints of Evolution

It seems that we might be going through some similar warming and cooling trends here in the next few decades, so I think it best we learn from our ancestors, and lets be better prepared for the next cycle coming our way. Oh, I know there are some scientists who think they can out-wit mother nature, but looking at history, it seems our ancient ancestors going back 10,000 years have passed down there messages to us in the best ways they knew how.

More Coming………….


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