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New Study Shows Earth’s Tilt Big Player in Climate Change

New research identifies how Earth’s tilt effects climate. For the first time, researchers show a connection between Earth’s tilt called ‘obliquity’, which shifts every 40,000 years, and the movement of a low pressure band of clouds named¬†Intertropical Convergence Zone, or … Continue reading

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First Explanations For Boundary Within Earth’s Mantle

Earth’s mantle, the large zone of slow-flowing rock that lies between the crust and the planet’s core, powers every earthquake and volcanic eruption on the planet’s surface. Evidence suggests that the mantle behaves differently below 1 megameter (1,000 kilometers, or … Continue reading

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FOLLOW UP: The Science of Cycles vs The Patterns of Human Evolution/Devolution

Before I guide and encourage you to read this latest study put out by global warming enthusiasts from Durham University’s Department of Earth Sciences, which is just one of over one hundred recent articles/studies waving the flag of discuss and … Continue reading

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JUST IN: Very Large Volcanic Eruptions Could Lead to Ice Sheet Instability

The next couple of paragraphs will sound trite and condescending, only because they are. I am sure you have noticed the bombardment of global warming alerts, warnings, flags etc, etc. I can only take so much of the political manipulation, … Continue reading

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New Study Verifies Mantle Plumes Interaction with Earth’s Core

Continued evidence affirming Battros 2012 equation comes in the form of a new understanding of mantle plumes. My theory suggest mantle plumes become more active (or new ones form) when the Earth’s core is overheated, then modulates to maintain an … Continue reading

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Mantle Plumes Dominant Trigger for Global Plate Tectonics

It is common knowledge that the Earth’s rigid upper layer called lithosphere is composed of moving plates. But just what mechanism first set plate tectonics into motion still remains a mystery. A team of researchers led by ETH professor Taras … Continue reading

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New Drought Atlas Maps Shows 2,000 Years of Natural Climate Variations in Europe

The long history of severe droughts across Europe and the Mediterranean has largely been told through historical documents and ancient journals, each chronicling the impact in a geographically restricted area. Now, for the first time, an atlas based on scientific … Continue reading

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