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Physicists Find Clue To Formation Of Magnetic Fields Around Sun And Galaxies

In a paper published October 2015 in Physical Review Letters, scientists report that small magnetic turbulence can combine to form large – scale magnetic fields just like those found throughout the universe. Physicists Jonathan Squire and Amitava Bhattacharjee at the … Continue reading

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Dark Matter and Particle Acceleration in Near Space

Peering into darkness can strike fear into the hearts of some, but a new space telescope will soon peer into the darkness of “near space” (within a few thousand light years of Earth). Scientists are using the telescope to seek … Continue reading

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Mars Dried Out Because Its Magnetic Field Is So Weak

We finally have an understanding of how Mars transformed from a once habitable, Earth-like planet into the dry world we see today. NASA researchers have just announced that Mars’ once rich atmosphere was stripped away by solar winds in the … Continue reading

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Antimatter Not So Different After All

Scientists working at Brookhaven National Laboratory, including physicists at Rice University, have announced the first measurements of the attractive force between antiprotons. The discovery gives physicists new ways to look at the forces that bind matter and antimatter. Specifically, the … Continue reading

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Extremely Rare Galaxy of Gigantic Size

A team of astronomers working at the National Centre for Radio Astrophysics (NCRA, TIFR), Pune have discovered, using the Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope (GMRT), an extremely rare galaxy of gigantic size. This galaxy — located about 9 billion light years … Continue reading

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Observed Cosmic Rays May Have Come from Two-Million-Year-Old Supernova

High-energy protons, nuclei, and other particles are constantly showering down on Earth’s atmosphere from space, but the origins of these cosmic rays is unknown. One possibility is that the cosmic rays come from supernovae, although the evidence for this claim … Continue reading

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Astronomers Conducted a Cosmic Archeological Dig of Our Milky Way’s Heart

Using NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope to conduct a “cosmic archaeological dig” at the very heart of our Milky Way galaxy, astronomers have uncovered the blueprints of our galaxy’s early construction phase. Peering deep into the Milky Way’s crowded central hub … Continue reading

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