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Physicists Find Clue To Formation Of Magnetic Fields Around Sun And Galaxies

In a paper published October 2015 in Physical Review Letters, scientists report that small magnetic turbulence can combine to form large – scale magnetic fields just like those found throughout the universe. Physicists Jonathan Squire and Amitava Bhattacharjee at the … Continue reading

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New Discoveries of Interstellar Dust – Otherwise Known as ‘Charged Particles’

The Ulysses spacecraft was launched into space 25 years ago. Now, for the first time its complete set of measurements of interstellar dust has been analyzed. When launched in 1990, the main focus of the mission was to study the … Continue reading

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Star Too Close to Black Hole Discharges Stream of Charged Particles

The event occurred near a supermassive black hole estimated to weigh a few million times the mass of the sun. The black hole is located in the center of PGC 043234, a galaxy that lies about 290 million light years … Continue reading

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Mitch Battros 3rd Book of Trilogy Now Ready for Order

My 3rd book on the Sun-Earth connection and Beyond is now accepting orders for this first run ‘special addition’ that will include my personal signature made out to you. It is listed for $24.95, however, I am discounting this run … Continue reading

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UPDATE: Hurricane Joaquin and Post Eclipse 14 Day Window Hot Spots

Yes, Hurricane Joaquin is very dangerous, however, in my training with the Office of Emergency Management, one segment of my training is to prepare neighborhood captains to watch for a scenario in which one major event occurs requiring a large … Continue reading

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Special Announcement from Mitch Battros – 3rd Book of ‘Trilogy’

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: It is time to announce my 3rd book will soon be going to print. This will be the 3rd book that completes the Trilogy of the Sun-Earth connection and Beyond. The first run will be a ‘special addition’ … Continue reading

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More Evidence for Coming Black Hole Collision

A team of Caltech astronomers reported that two supermassive black holes appeared to be spiraling together toward a cataclysmic collision that could bring down the curtains in that galaxy. The evidence was a rhythmic flickering from the galaxy’s nucleus, a … Continue reading

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