My Daughter is Off and Running – ‘Literally’

Hi Folks, my nine year old daughter ‘Alexa’ is participating in a fun run to raise money for here school Hidden Forest Elementary. The limit the sponsors set for those who wish to pledge on a “per lap” bases, is set at a 30 lap limit. Example: If you pledged $1 “per lap” your donation would be $30 – if it was $2 per lap $60 and so on.


The alternative method of donation, is to simply make a single donation of any amount. My little athlete is a get up and goer. I have no doubt she will run no less than 55 laps. It is great for her, and I must say it puts a smile on my face…especially when she has a trail of boys trying to catch up. But the limit is 30 as far as pledges go. Every penny goes directly to the school in helping with teaching materials, books, folders, staplers, even Kleenex boxes. Some of you might be surprised how much each individual teacher supplies materials right from their pockets.

Here is my personal page for you to reply: CLICK HERE
Then Click On “Make A Pledge”

Ps, I plan on running at least 55 laps just because I can – and my Dad laughs when he see’s the trail of boys trying to catch up with me.

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