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Founded in 1995 - Earth Changes Media is rated as your No.1 news source for space weather, earth science and ancient text. Join us for the latest breaking news in all earth changing events. We report it FIRST!!! We have been acknowledged as the first to report events on earthquakes, volcanoes, tornadoes, hurricanes, solar flares, comets, asteroids and extreme weather of all types. - View Endorsements -. We also cover in great detail sacred ancient text - highlighting its direct connection with today's scientific findings. ECM: Endorsements: Mitch Battros is the author of "Solar Rain: The Earth Changes Have Begun" and "Global Warming: A Convenient Disguise". His research has been endorsed by leading scientists from agencies such as NASA, NOAA, ESA, and AAS.

Mexico’s Colima Volcano Erupts – VIDEO

Mexico’s Colima volcano has erupted spewing smoke up to 2,500 metres into the air. Sometimes called the “Fire Volcano” it lies in the south west of the county. It has been showing some activity for the past two months, coating … Continue reading

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Earth Changes Media ‘Fall Season’ Special – ENDING SOON –

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Egypt Pledges Fast Work Amid Search for Nefertiti’s Tomb

Egyptian authorities promised Thursday they would move quickly to get new radar equipment needed to search for Queen Nefertiti’s tomb amid a new theory it could be in an alleged, hidden chamber behind King Tutankhamun’s tomb in the famed Valley … Continue reading

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Signs of Ancient Mega-Tsunami Could Forecast Modern Event

Scientists working off west Africa in the Cape Verde Islands have found evidence that the sudden collapse of a volcano there tens of thousands of years ago generated an ocean tsunami that dwarfed anything ever seen by humans. The researchers … Continue reading

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Using Ancient DNA Researchers Unravel Mystery of Machu Picchu

A team of researchers will be the first to analyze the genomes of the skeletal remains from more than 170 individuals buried at the site. By sequencing the skeletons’ ancient DNA, the researchers hope to better understand the functional role … Continue reading

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Simulating Path Of Magma Inside An Active Volcano

Months of warning signs from Mauna Loa volcano, such as earthquakes and ash plumes on Hawaii’s Big Island, prompted the U.S. Geological Survey to recently start releasing weekly updates on activity at the world’s largest active volcano. A new study … Continue reading

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Measuring X-Rays Created by Lightning Strikes

Scientists have recorded measurements of X-rays of energies up to 10 MeV caused by electrons accelerated in the intense electric fields inside a thundercloud. The researchers, based at the Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands, the National Aerospace Laboratory (NLR), … Continue reading

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