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Auroral Mystery Solved – Auroras Caused by Charged Particles

I’m not sure what discovery warrants the title of ‘mystery’, but it was accepted and published in the Journal of Geophysical Research. I guess we have all become aware that ECMs research is ahead of its time, but to frame … Continue reading

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Sun Could Release Flares 1000x Greater than Previously Recorded

The Sun demonstrates the potential to superflare, new research into stellar flaring suggests. New research has found a stellar superflare on a star observed by NASA’s Kepler space telescope with wave patterns similar to those that have been observed in … Continue reading

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New Insights On Solar Flare Particle Acceleration Mechanism

Astronomers have made a significant step toward confirming a proposed explanation for how solar flares accelerate charged particles to speeds nearly that of light. This important advance was made possible by the new capabilities of the National Science Foundation’s Karl … Continue reading

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Collapsing Star, Supernova, Gamma Ray Burst

A supercomputer simulation of a mere 10 milliseconds in the collapse of a massive star into a neutron star proves that these catastrophic events, often called hypernovae, can generate the enormous magnetic fields needed to explode the star and fire … Continue reading

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BREAKING NEWS: New Study’s Recognize Battros 2012 Equation

I hope you will understand the gravity of the latest findings related to galaxies, black holes, charged particles, funneled jets and their interplay with solar systems, namely ‘ours’. This latest research study follows my published theory, which I have labeled … Continue reading

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